The Matrix, anyone?

September 13, 2007 at 8:09 pm (News, Tech)

Second life to become Online AI incubator.

Found this over at The BBC:

Researchers at US firm Novamente have created software that learns by controlling avatars in virtual worlds.

Initially the AIs will be embodied in pets that will get smarter by interacting with the avatars controlled by their human owners.

Novamente said it eventually aimed to create more sophisticated avatars such as talking parrots and even babies.

The part that really got me was:

“I’d really like to do virtual talking parrots,” he said, “and then virtual babies. You would get one and it would be yours for the next 18 years.”

Online virtual children, just what we need. I guess it might be good for those that can’t, won’t, or don’t have kids. Rest of the article can be found here. Any thoughts?


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