Pounding Nine Inch Nails into the Music Industries Coffin.

October 13, 2007 at 4:44 pm (entertainment, music)

It started with free USB drives.

Imagine your at a concert. You leave your seat to use the restroom. As you’re “taking care of business,” you notice something on the ground. You look closer, and realize that it is a USB thumb drive. So you pick it up, and take it home. You place it in your computer’s USB slot (I hope you ran some scans on it, after all, you did find it in a bathroom!) and, lo and behold, it’s unreleased music from the band you went to see! This is Trent Reznor, doing what he has been doing best lately: taking care of his fans, and pissing off the music industry. The unreleased songs quickly spread, with the help of p2p networks. Soon, many people on the net had heard of this new style of music distribution. It didn’t stop there, however. NIN then went on to allow people to listen to the ENTIRE new album, right from their website. You don’t have to sign up, you don’t have to pay anything. Just go to their website, and listen. When Trent found out that his label was over-charging some people for his new CD, he famously remarked, “Steal it!” Now that’s how you create loyal fans.

Radiohead releases “pay what you want” album.

Hot on the heels of that, Radiohead has taken the net by storm, with their new album, “Inrainbows”. What is so special about that? Besides that Radiohead, an alright band, has a new album? I will probably get flamed for saying that, but hey, they’re just not my cup of tea. The special part is: Guess how much the album costs. Give up? It costs whatever you want. From $0 up to $10^15, how much can you pay? However much it is, Radiohead is cool with that.
Unless it’s $10^15. I’m sure that if you wanted to pay $10^15, Radiohead would freak. I mean, really, that’s $1,000,000,000,000,000, or one quadrillion dollars. You could feed the hungry, cure cancer, and how knows what else, with that kind of money.

What does that have to do with NIN?

The most recent Nine Inch Nails news: they are free from their contract, and are joining Radiohead (Oasis and Jamiroquai, are also looking into pay what you want album sales as well) in a new for of digital music sales. The idea behind this is, bands don’t make money off album sales. They make money from concerts and merchandise. So why are albums so damn expensive? Because the music industry makes all the money from album sales. So why not just cut out the middle man? In this high tech day of p2p filesharing, it make little sense keeping a bloated, monopolistic, behemoth alive and kicking, to reek havoc on (mostly) young adults and kids, in support of an outdated album supply chain. This way, the bands get to keep any money they make off of their albums (with little overhead: digital music transfer is much cheaper than making a CD and shipping it to sit on a store shelf), which no matter how little, is still more than they would have made from royalties if they were under contract. It makes complete sense. We can only hope that more bands follow suit. Maybe, just maybe, we might get rid of the RIAA yet. It’s time for artists to take their music back.


The best article I’ve read yet on this subject can be found here, at Demonbaby.com. It covers the problems of the outdated music distribution from an insider stand point. Written by a music industry insider, and music lover, it shows what’s wrong with the RIAA’s strong arm tactics, and how we can deal with them, while still continuing to support the artists that we love. Coming not long after the death of Oink (who’s website now displays a message about waffles), the article is a guide to breaking down the major labels, in favor of a new, and still evolving, digital music revolution. Articulately written, it covers the ins and outs of “the industry vs. piracy” debate masterfully. If you love music, go, read this now. When your done, don’t forget to take action, as well. Call, write, and email (and I do mean for you to do all three) the RIAA labels (ways to contact them can be found in the Demonbaby article, or by using google), and your government legislators. I have been boycotting the music industry for over two years, and made sure to contact them and tell them why. I’m FAR from the only one doing this. But we need more music lovers to follow suit. Steal the music you love, back from the labels that have been stealing it for years.


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