I No Longer Support Ron Paul (For President).

December 15, 2007 at 12:26 am (Knowledge, News, Opinion, politics) (, , , , , )

And I will probable get flamed for it…

But hear me out first

When I first heard about Ron Paul, I did what many people have done on hearing his message. I listened to the anti-Iraq war, anti-IRS, and pro-improving the dollar rhetoric, and thought to myself, “Here’s a man I can support.” I did something else that many others have done, namely: I didn’t bother to find out much more about him. Why? Because the man is captivating. His speeches on Iraq, and the other issues he choses to talk about, are powerful. However, I didn’t check his voting record. I believe that many other Ron Paul supporters are making the same mistake. For the past couple of days though, I’ve done some research, and what I’ve found, I REALLY didn’t like. What, exactly did I find? Well, first, a little bit about where I stand.

I’m a little to the left of Ghandi

There is a great site to help you see what your political leanings are. It’s called The Political Compass”. It shows you where you stand compared to other famous people and leaders. My political compass puts me to the bottom left of freaking Ghandi! My score is Economic Left/Right: -6.75, Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -7.44. In other words, I am Economically Leftist, and Socially Libertarian.

What does that have to do with Ron Paul?

Dr. Paul, on the other hand, is Economically and Socially Libertarian. He feels that corporations should be free to do just as they damn well please, and no one should get any help from the government. I just don’t agree. There are some aspects of society that just should not be a business. Take health care, as an example. Does anyone think that running health care as a business has been good for America? I know I sure don’t. The American problem of rising health care costs will NOT be fixed under a Ron Paul presidency. If anything, it will just be made worse.

Other examples

First, many thanks goes out to Orcinus for putting these all in one place. Let’s look at a small sample of Ron Paul’s voting record, shall we?

First off, Ron Paul is extremely anti-abortion. I can understand this up to a point. After all, Dr. Paul has delivered something like 4,000 babies. Also, he is a religious fundamentalist (more on that in a bit), and those types tend to hate abortion. On the other hand, for a man who says he supports the Constitution above all else, he sure is quick to try and make a CONSTITUTIONAL amendment banning abortion. This is something that I just don’t agree with AT ALL. I wonder how many liberal Paulite’s would want to have that little plan happen.

Next, he is against same-sex marriage. Another fundamentalist idea that I think is just stupid. If two people are in love, than what business is it of the Governments to get involved in that? Here I thought Ron Paul was trying to get Government OUT of peoples lives. I guess that only applies to people that follow the fundamentalist idea of what love is.

Moving on, Paul is against some forms of protest, such as flag burning. To the point of make ANOTHER Constitutional amendment banning it. Gee, for a guy who wants to preserve the Constitution, he sure wants to make a lot of changes to it, huh?

What else? Let’s see, getting rid of OSHA. You know, that pesky act that says that companies have to make a safe work environment for their workers. The act that was put into place because market pressures weren’t enough to keep them in line to do it themselves.

Also, he hates labor unions, and we’ve all seen what the loss of labor unions has done for America (just look at Wal-Mart).

No more minimum wage, under Ron Paul. Hope you like making wages along the lines of what you would get in a third world country.

Forget social security with Ron Paul.

No more anti-trust. In fact, he would strengthen the ability of hospitals and pharmaceutical companies to work together so that they can screw you over on costs, even more than they do now. Because, you know, we don’t pay enough in health care cost already.

He would make it so that people born in America to non-citizens do not get citizenship.

All environmental protection would go right out the window. Because corporations are such wonderful stewards of the environment. Yeah, right.

He’s against almost all forms of international law. Not to mention the UN.

About the only thing I agree with him about (aside from Iraq and the IRS) is his stance on gun laws. I’m pro-gun, in that I believe owning a gun is my right, (and protection) and no one should have the right to take that away from me. Gun-free zones do not work. If you don’t believe that, just look at all the school shootings. Those are all gun-free zones. But that’s a topic for another blog post.

The list goes on…

There’s much more over at Orcinus. I highly recommend that any Ron Paul supporters do the research on where he stands on all his policies, not just the one’s you agree with. This was a tough idea for me to come to grips with. I know, I wanted to like the guy, but he’s not what I hope for America, no matter how much I agree with him on a couple of views.

Dennis Kucinich, FTW

So, where does that leave me? I putting my vote to Dennis. He supports all the same ideals I do. I wish more liberal Ron Paul supporters would look around and see that there is another candidate that wants the same things that they do. Just without all of the crazy fundamentalist, pro-corporate free-for-all plans. Take a look, you might just change your mind, just like I did. For the sake of America, I sure hope so.



  1. 1poet4man said,

    I agree…Ron Paul is so almost…but no cigar…

  2. Zhu said,

    Ouch. That’s a lot of anti- for one man… I wouldn’t support it either!

  3. miles mathis said,

    If you want to disagree with Paul, fine. I am an early Paul supporter and was looking for more info on labor unions and so on. I was open to your argument against him, since I also score left of Gandhi. Unfortunately you are just lying here. Gandhi wasn’t pro-lying, that I remember. You completely misrepresent most of Paul’s stances. You either didn’t do your research, or you relied on someone who was lying, or you decided to lie your own self. Your points about abortion, same sex marriages, flag burning, OSHA, anti-trust, and the environment are all 180 degrees from the truth. The only thing that is correct here, as far as I can tell, is your sentence stating that he is against illegal immigrants getting citizenship for their babies. If you are getting your info from Orcinus, you are a fool. If Orcinus is saying this stuff, he is a liar, and most likely he is a paid liar, paid by the Republican party. Who hates Paul the most? The Republican party. That should tell you something right there. I will look for real info on Paul somewhere else. I do think he is against labor unions, but I am trying to find out why. That info is not easy to find, from either side.

  4. kaose said,

    Sorry, Miles Mathis, but it’s all true. At first, when I read your comment, I was a little upset (I don’t like to be called a liar), but after thinking about it for a bit, I remembered how…hmm, what’s the word I’m looking for? Oh, yeah, I remembered that Ron Paul fans (and I myself was one) are rabid when it comes to anyone dissin their man.
    Orcinus was just reporting Ron Paul’s recored as it is. Did you even read the article? I tend to think not, as I’m sure you wouldn’t want anything to hurt your rosy view of Dr.Paul. All the facts came from The Library of Congress. These things are ALL bills that Ron Paul has submitted. Check them out yourself, before jumping to conclusions and calling people liars. Where is information that my “points about abortion, same sex marriages, flag burning, OSHA, anti-trust, and the environment are all 180 degrees from the truth”? Would you care to back up that claim with some evidence?
    Here’s some more info, for those who care.
    Not as link heavy as the Orcinus page, but the blog is well writen and makes some great points. Please, check your facts before accusing someone of lying.
    On a side-note, I want it stated that I am still a HUGE fan of Dr. Paul. He is the most honest politician in Washington. He’s is a great example of an American, we should all look to him as a role model who can teach us much. HOWEVER, just because I like, admire, and respect the guy, doesn’t mean that I want to vote for him to be president. I figured I’d add that, just in case people get the idea that I don’t like Dr. Paul. Nothing could be further from the truth.

  5. krookid said,

    There is no perfect candidate although Ron Paul is pretty damn close. If you don’t understand some of his votes in congress, look a little deeper and see why he voted against or for it…..for example ….Labor Union are 40% illegal immigrants now…..This is what is helping to destroy America. Not the lack of unions.

    this site is a side by side comparison based on votes while in offices held


  6. Intelitary Milligence said,

    Privatization means people, not corporations. He has already stated he is against corporatism or soft fascism.

    Corporations are COLLECTIVE entities.

    He is not taking anything away. He wants the war money to go to anyone dependent on social services and those not dependent to have an escape hatch out of the mess.

    How about not falling for the run-of-mill dialectics?

  7. ed said,

    In response to krookid about labor unions:
    I seriously doubt 40% of labor union members are illegal immigrants. I know that none of the factories around here that are unionized would hirer illegals; they won’t even hire people without diplomas. If you mean 40% of unions are unions of illegal immigrants, maybe. but I don’t know of any. I guess any large family of Mexicans that bargain could be considered a union.
    And this would not be destroying America, in fact, it would be strengthening America.
    Why do companies hire illegals and outsource to other countries?… Cheap labor.
    These people are fighting for their right of a fair wage.
    If these people were unionized, the only reason to favor illegals and workers in other countries would be because they are able to do the job better. And that’s the way it should be.
    “No man is an island.” If workers are being exploited in China, Mexico, or anywhere in the world, it’s going to drive down wages and conditions for all. What affects one man, affects all men.

  8. littlecactus said,

    Ron paul stated in an early debate(i’m sure before this post) that he believes workers should have the right to unionize. I honestly can’t understand who wouldn’t believe that though, considering it’s essentially a business proposal in the purest capitalist fashion. Strikes are a form of coercion but what do corporations do to workers over seas…. coercion isn’t the word that strikes me.

  9. littlecactus said,

    All of our problems can be encompassed by the fact that all of these foreign workers aren’t educated enough. That’s why it’s so stunning to find that they can do almost anything we can but our bureacracies require a license for anything. That’s just another scapegoat for business to leave the country. Not education but frivolous backwards bureacracy.

    They need to show some pride and stand up to these people. That’s too hard when you only eat a bowl of rice a day. I can only dream.

  10. Tim Ramsay said,

    Ron Paul is not against same sex marriage, as a matter of federal law. As a matter of federal law, he says, “The Federal Government has no place in it at all. This is an issue of the Churches”.

    On abortion, his view is that the Constitution supports the right to life. He believes life begins at conception.

  11. tamara said,

    It would be nice if you had a clue about what you’re writing about because you are totally misrepresenting Ron Paul. Get a real government site to check his voting record, not some democratic smear site. her is a link: http://www.votesmart.org/voting_category.php?can_id=296
    Also, the reason Ron Paul votes against abortion or funding of it is because he believes it is not an issue that should be controlled by government…while he states he is not for abortion, he feels it is not governments choice to regulate a woman’s body or choice….he is totally about freedome of choice and personal liberty and freedome. He wants the government out of all of our business. He totally follows the constitution – not his personal beliefs. Same goes for gay marriage and poligamy…he says the federal government needs to but out of areas like this – people are free to make their own choices…so when he is voting against gay marriage, it’s not that he doesn’t like gay marriage, it’s that the govt shouldn’t have a say in who marries who. Also, read what the bills actually say, for instance, ‘the patriot act’ sounds like it would be a good thing to support – who wouldn’t support patriots? You need to understand the intent of the bill before you start making all your false claims. Also, he belives in the free market and free trade but understands that there is no such thing anymore because the government has corrupted the system by regulating and deregulating in favor of the mega corporations…if govt. would stay out of business, it would work, be profitable and good for workers and corporations…right now the deck is stacked and it’s not in the favor of the people. He is trying to expose and correct that.

  12. Jacinth said,

    Do your research and you’ll find that affirmative action actually hurt minorities in america and that the sherman anti-trust laws were used 90% of the time to ENFORCE monopolies and not to prevent them. Just like how the Federal Reserve is not federal and has no reserve. People like Ron Paul because he’s able to peel back a few layers of the political onion to reveal some truths. – (Pro-life stuff asside, that’s just how he is, at least you can say he’s consistent and somewhat sympathize with him having been forced to do several partial birth abortions himself getting a bad taste in his mouth) – The affirmative action and the Anti-Trust stuff is some more bills that you really have to look into to understand what they really did. For example the % of blacks that got hired and the salaries they had actually stalled slightly after affirmative action. Why? Because just like we don’t need the government to tell us not to use drugs, we don’t need it to tell us racism is bad – society figured it out on their own. But affirmative action DID do was make businesses NOT want to hire blacks, once again think of the impact, now if you fire a minority after you hire them they can use this law against you – so what do you do? JUST NOT HIRE THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE. Businesses will always look at their liabilities and now a minority is a liability. Please try to understand that most of the laws made in the ENTIRE second half of America’s history (with a few exceptions) have mostly been wolf-in-sheeps-clothing laws.

  13. Leo said,

    I am a Ron Paul supporter and I am not “rabid”. I agree with the constitution and so does Ron Paul. Tell me genius…where is Ron Paul constitutionally wrong? …. I rest my case

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