How’s This For Laugh’s?

January 3, 2008 at 10:40 pm (entertainment, Knowledge, Security)

419 Eater, you’ll laugh till you cry

Not to long ago, I stumbled upon a great site called 419 Eater. This is ton’s of fun. You know those scam emails? The one that tell you that you could get MILLIONS of dollars, if only you’ll send some Nigerian some cash, to free up all the funds? Well, these people have decided to take the fight back to the scammers.

Welcome to the world of scam baiting

Scam baiting is the act of holding email exchanges with scammers as to waste their time (and money, if at all possible) so as to keep them from scamming others. And to try and get “trophies,” pictures and other things, from the scammers, to keep and display to other scam baiter’s. Check out the site, it’s great. 419 Eater: teaching Nigerian that crime does not pay.

P.S. If the site is taking long to respond, it could be because it gets A LOT of DDoS attacks directed its way. Something to do with making scammers lose TONS of time with their antics. I’ve even heard reports of the Storm Worm being called in to attack the site! You know they’re being effective if such a powerful botnet is used against them.


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