Myself and my Wife

Hello, my name is Sean Waterhouse. I am a 28 year old computer geek, living in the land of corn: Nebraska. Welcome to my blog. At least here on the internet I can interface with the world. It’s pretty boring here in Middle America, but I find things to keep me entertained, such as: Gaming, stumbling, hanging out with my friends, LAN parties, 360’s in my car on the ice, skating (I need to get a new board), learning everything I can about computers, pranks, blogging, and playing a little WoW (Kaose: 38 Frost Mage, Forchan: 65 SL/SL Warlock. Guild: Horde Security, Venture Co server). I own my own Computer company (RS Computer Shop), and am the store manager for a small wireless service company (which shall remain nameless, to protect my job).



  1. bibomedia.com said,


  2. Monkey King said,

    DUDE i just google’d U

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